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Testimonials, and Suggestions for improvements: 2016 MHG&MC

We would love to hear what you liked about the conference and how it was helpful for you (and the herbal movement). And we would like to hear how we can do even better next year. Add your own and/or offer suggestions for improvement below.
This was very rich and dense event full of well everything herbal! You did good Skeeter – it was a resoundingly successful event! This year went so well that next year is going to be big” Peg Schafer.
Having so many people come together to meet and explore the possibilities of growing through our connections, wonderful! 2. Looks like a bigger trade show space is already in order! Guess that will come with a bigger gathering...which no doubt next year will be! I would enjoy returning next year. Thanks for the heads-up on dates so I can make plans. The energy was high. Many, many layers interacting and sharing wisdom and knowledge.“ Eaglesong Gardener.
What a FANTASTIC event by the way! I learned so much and had such a great time. Thank you for organizing the event!!” Anna Cowsert-Hinrichs, Student Vendor Coordinator, 18th Bastyr Herb & Food Fair 2016.
Thank you for sponsoring this great event,” Mesha Munyan, Meshaz Natural Perfumes, Trade Show vendor.
I very much enjoyed meeting you, too!  I was amazed at the unflappable ability you have to orchestrate a conference! incredible!” Deborah Sundahl.
Many thanks to everyone! It was a great gathering!” Lisa Sanderson-Fox.
Thanks for the great conference. We did make some new connections, and it was a good time.” Nome McBride.
A humongous undertaking that is sure to make a significant difference in many people’s lives in many different ways in the years to come.  What an amazing event! I am still digesting it all – a bit overwhelming! So many good people gathered in a single place, all with a profound respect for herbs and other plants. It has given me much to think about the past couple of days while I have been catching up on gardening tasks.” Blythe Barbo.
Thanks so much for putting on that incredible event! We are so inspired and it was truly an amazing group you assembled!” Nick Segner.
It was an honor to participate in the conference. Thank you for giving a voice to all of our botanical friends and allies.” Brian Wallace, Endorfin.
The weekend was wonderful and I'm looking forward to next year already. I have a lot of incredible connections and inspiration for the next year.” Rachael Fairbanks.
 “What a fantastic weekend, Michael Pilarski. Congratulations!” Katrina Svoboda Johnson.
Yes! Fantastic! So much gratitude to you for the gathering [heart emoticon].” Nicki Neilson.
Just wanted to say thank you and big congratulations for bringing us all together for such an amazing weekend of sharing. I hope you are basking in the success of the community event you hosted and I hope you consider doing it again.” Jeff Carpenter.
Hey Skeeter it was such a great weekend thank you so much for your heroic efforts and everyone who helped out. It was inspiring and I came home with new appreciation for what I do I truly needed that. You are an amazing organizer and plant guy thank you for the lovely root divisions they are getting planted quickly!! Also thanks for buying my last flat of  plants!! Enjoy your spring. Hawthorns are in full bloom here along with the empress tree and the black locust sweet fragrance everywhere . Be well,” Tina Glassner
I'd like to personally thank you for an outstanding production of the Medicinal Herb Growing & Marketing Conference.  I am now back home in NY state and am so glad I attended this incredible event. I look forward to seeing you again at future events!” Marti Lilien
I had a great time and appreciated all the enthusiasm and cooperation around supporting herbal medicines as a source of healing. I also really enjoyed seeing the generational gaps and progression that the herb world is undergoing.” Kyle Taylor.
Thank you for the tremendous dedication, commitment, vision, energy, networking, and everything that putting together this conference entailed, it was such a great inspiration and many beautiful things are sprouting forth as a result, very wonderful!” Aline Prentice.
 “Thank you for the opportunity to help out and be a part of the conference. The work you are doing and the energy you share with all those you encounter is truly an inspiration.  Thank You. We visited about bringing Gigi Stafne (founder of Herbalists without Borders) to the conference next year.  When I return to Minnesota in May I will visit with her about this.  Knowing the plants are all over the earth, and are just waiting for us humans to understand how we can help Each Other is my hope every day. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.” Cindy Putzier.

Please let us know...

We would love to hear what you liked about the conference and how it was helpful for you (and the herbal movement).
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We would also like to hear how we can do even better for next year's MHG&MC.
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