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The 7th Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence is Upon Us

2017 Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence PosterDear friends and associates,
The 7th INPC is upon us. Register now!

Everything has a ripple affect. We are setting the stage for a big ripple event. We are aiming for 300 people and over 50 educational/networking opportunities with workshops, keynote speakers, round-table discussions, hands-on and demos. Sustainable-minded people from around Montana, the Inland Northwest, and the Hot Springs area getting together to exchange information, ideas and insights. Synthesis happens, new alliances are formed and the affect ripples on for years.  The INPC is a reunion of old friends and chance to make new friends. Building community and enabling long-term collaboration. Things can happen in person that can’t be done through emails, phone calls, skyping, etc. You can’t get this on the internet! Magic happens!
How would you like to be involved?  We are looking for presenters, sponsors, staff, and participants. We would like to see lots of booths for people to sell products, do outreach and network.
The event will utilize multiple venues spread out over a 5-block area. The Tribal Nutrition Center will be our kitchen. Towanda Center is a meeting place and camping area.  Alameda’s Retreat Center provides, classrooms and lodging. Symes Hotel provides lodging, soaking and a classroom space. The Camas Recreation Center provides classrooms.  Plus we will set up large tents, canopies and a village adjacent to the Tribal Nutrition Center. Everything is within short walking distance with our main focal area at Towanda and the Nutrition Center.
Building the better world we all know is possible. 
Michael Pilarski