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Green Business

Medicinal Plant List - Plants Michael Pilarski has grown and wildcrafted

3/6/2017 List

Here is a list of medicinal plants I have grown over the years.  In preparation for teaching this year’s Herb Growing Seminar on April 15, I decided to make a list of all the medicinal plants I have grown or wildcrafted. I’ve never made such a list before and was curious how many species it would add up to.

Wildcrafting Resources

by Michael Pilarski


Here is a list of Some wildcrafting resources I just put together for my March 5, 2017 Wildcrafting Workshop in Sequim, Washington. It gives you some idea of what we cover in my wildcrafting classes.

Thank you for participating. We can only scratch the surface in this 5-hour workshop.  This 10-page handout will give you additional ideas to research and experiment with.

Earth Repair Hub


There is a huge amount of earth repair work going on worldwide. Very seldom will you find news on earth repair topics on mainstream media. Pretty much they only report bad news and much of it is propaganda. You will find local stories on local news, but not much on international news.


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