NEW TRACK FORMED at MHG&MC - Herbal CSAs – Community supported Herbalism

A CSA farm (community-supported agriculture) is the popular farmer-to-consumer marketing system in which customers pay the farmer upfront for food they receive in weekly boxes (mostly vegetables) during the growing season.  There were two CSA farms in the US in 1986 and thousands in 2015. Herbal CSAs are now beginning to pop up around the nation and are sometimes referred to as CSHs (community supported herbalism). The panel will explore how to create viable businesses based on CSHs.


One of the goals of the conference is to have many herbs on display for educational as well as aesthetical purposes. There will be displays of dry herbs, fresh roots and fresh herbs in vases.  Growers are encouraged to bring samples to display. Herb nurseries are invited to bring plants to sell (this is part of the Trade Show - Folks selling should fill out a Trade Show application).

Medicinal Herb Growing & Marketing Conference - January 25 Progress Report

We will be at 45 presenters shortly.
I have about 50 people on the list of people who want to work-trade, volunteer or help coordinate. At some point we will have all our positions filled.
15 people have paid their money.
We now are up to 10 sponsors. They will send at least 10 representatives between them.
I have the names of another 40 or so people who have said they are planning to attend.
I hear rumors of others.

Keynote Speakers

Ann Armbrecht of the Sustainable Herbs Project and producer of the film Numen will present on “the Sustainable Herbs Project and its relevance to the Conference and the herb movement in general.” Friday Evening plenary, 7:45pm – 8:15pm.

Educational Formats

Plenary addresses to the whole assemblage on the state of the herb trade. We are planning to have six short keynotes, rather than a few, long ones.

Keynote periods are:

Friday Evening, 8:00-9:00 pm
Saturday 9:45 – 10:15 am
Saturday 8:00 – 8:30 pm



There are two Friday Intensives.  They cost an extra $50. 

Peg Schafer, Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm.

Jeff Carpenter, Zack Woods Herb Farm.



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