Permaculture Directory for the Maritime Pacific Northwest by Michael Pilarski

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DRAFT, Version 2, November 22, 2014

The Permaculture Directory for the Maritime Pacific Northwest is the tip of the iceberg, but it is a start. For the time being this directory focuses on Washington and Oregon west of the Cascade crest.  There is some information for western British Columbia as well and a bit in northern California. While northern California and coastal BC are part of the Cascadia bioregion, they have other permaculture organizations serving them and I am not as familiar with the permaculture situation there. Ideally, someone from those areas will put together a list for their regions. The long-term goal is to have credible directories for all regions of North America.  I made a first edition of a nationwide list to take to NAPC. This first edition of the maritime PNW is another baby step forward. Let us inspire each other.

I have already done a Permaculture Directory for the Inland Northwest (Columbiana bioregion). Montana, Idaho and Washington and Oregon east of the Cascade Crest. It can be found at: click on INPC Directory.

It is not a list of permaculture design course graduates, which would be many times larger. It is a listing of people and entities who are publicly promoting permaculture.  It is based on my personal knowledge (albeit incomplete memory) and some internet searching. I hope not too many people get mad at me for forgetting them in this first edition or for adding them to this list or misspelling names or getting numbers wrong. I did the best I could this first round and it can only get better.

The next step is to install input forms on this website, so that people can add themselves, modify their listings, and add a photo if they wish. The Directory will become an expanding, crowd-sourced, public project.

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