Catalog: Friends of the Trees Botanicals 2020 Plant Sale

Photo of young plants. Friends of the Trees Botanicals.

Medicinal Herbs, Cuttings, Berries, Trees, Shrubs, & Seeds!

Dear plant friends, ​We are resuming taking orders until April 5.

Picture of Michael Pilarski showing plant material for sale with link to video
Video displaying plant material.

We have been able to obtain more:

Black currants

Red currants

White currants

Golden currants

Blue elderberry

Black hawthorn

View our plant sale catalog.

Some things available but not in our prior catalog are:

Rugosa Rose  $3

Black Velvet gooseberry  $5

White currant,  $5

Red Currant $5

Redbud tree (Cercis canadensis) $10

European Licorice  $3, $25/10

Figwort  $2

Elephant garlic  $1

Email orders to:

The things we are sold out of are:


Black Indian hemp

Black cohosh (we may have more later)


Culver’s root (we may have more later)

Echinacea purpurea

Fo Ti Tieng

Joe-Pye weed


Aronia berry

Crandall currant

Devil’s club (we may have more later)

European elderberry