Collaborating with other Restoration Summits

The Global Earth Repair Summit is only one of a number of similar summits being held this fall.  Another case of convergent evolution. Rather than competing with these other summits we are collaborating with them to synergize our efforts.  Cross-promoting, sharing resources and archives.  Planetary eco-restoration is a big job and the more people and organizations working on it the better. The Global Earth Repair Summit is different than, and complementary to, all these other summits. Check out the following events to see which ones are right for you:

“Ecorestoration Week” Oct. 18-23rd

 This is a cooperative effort between the three restoration events during that time period.

Here’s the line up of who is at the helm and what’s happening that week:

  • Stefan Schwarzer & Julia Vespermann- Climate Landscapes Conference – Oct. 18-19
  • Jamaica Stevens, Kaiti Archambault- Open Future Forum – Oct. 18-20 ( Ecorestoration Track on 20th)
  • Michael Pilarksi & Ryan Elwood- Global Earth Repair Summit Oct. 21-23

We are inviting representation into each other’s event- inviting each other to speak or present on relevant topics in a specific session. we are looking to share artifacts, recordings, etc. from each convening in a shared repository to allow access through our various networks.

* Ecosystem Restoration Design Summit. Sept 2 to 10. By Ecosystem Resotraiton Camps and Gaia Education. Five days of interviews, presentations and Q&A.

* Global Permaculture Summit

Hosted by Verge Permaculture. 12,000 attended in 2021. 

September 23-25. Hosted by Verge Permaculture. 12,000 attended in 2021.

* Second Global Conference on Biodiversity and Human Diversity:

October 4-5, 2022 The conference will be held in Bethlehem, Palestine and also via online conferencing. 

Mazin Qumsiyeh [email protected]

* Permaculture Water Summit

October 14-16, 2022. Online. Andrew Millison and Oregon State University.

* People’s Food Summit

October 16. Regeneration International. Regeneration International is also working with the Global Earth Repair Summit. We are sister summits.

* Climate Landscapes Conference

October 18-19, 2022. On-line. “Working with plants, soils and water to cool the climate and rehydrate Earth’s landscapes”.

Contact: Stefan Schwarzer [email protected]

* Open Future Forum

October 18-20. Day 1 is on: How do we prepare our cities, our built environments, and our communities to be resilient in a time of growing instability?  Day 2 is on: What key interventions can we advance in service of more resilient, healthful, and just food systems? Day 3 is on: How do we cooperate to avert planetary tipping points while working to regenerate and restore a thriving biosphere? Contact Jamaica Stevens [email protected]

* Global Earth Repair Summit

October 21-24.

Other Restoration-related summits

Transition US Week of Action:

October 10-16. The week of action is also a reminder that the actions and commitments we make to create a more regenerative and just world make a difference,[email protected]

Just One Giant Summit (JOGS): Community-Based Land Restoration Track

In this 2-hour virtual event, we move beyond the talking points to explore reforms that will transform the way we think about global land restoration. Join us for a round-table discussion with leaders at the center of the modern land restoration movement and learn how the community-based approach is redefining the public’s role in the climate crisis.

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