Friends of the Trees Botanicals WHOLESALE Herb Order Form

We are a small, family business.  Since COVID-19 we have had a large increase in orders and are doing our best to fill them as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience.


  • Include a $10 Processing & Handling Fee
  • PLUS shipping fees are paid by the customer
  • Final Invoice will be sent via email through Quickbooks once order is shipped with total amount due. 


When you click to view the invoice from Quickbooks you will have two options to pay online with your card or bank transfer.  PayPal, checks, or postal money orders are also accepted. 

Checks/ Postal Money Orders- Make to "Friends of the Trees Botanicals" and send here -  PoBox 1133  Port Hadlock, WA 98339

PayPal account- [email protected] 

Catalog Prices Here

• We specialize and prioritize fulfilling custom contracts of fresh herbs for wholesale customers.

• We are a small farm and can only produce so much of a given herb and may not be able to fill last minute orders.

• We encourage all of our customers to place orders well in advance. Early orders (January - March) allow us to plan our growing season.

• 1 pound order minimum.  We are not a retail outfit.

• Shipping costs are not included in the price of the herbs.

• Please note: shipping costs are expensive, sometimes as much as the cost of herbs, or more! Contact UPS/FedEx/ USPS for rates.

• We ship around the United States.


FAQ- How soon will my order be shipped?

This depends:


We specialize in fresh herb shipments.  Some fresh herbs are available only once a year for a short period.  Some fresh herbs are available for a long window of time. 


-Motherwort leaf/top is available from May through September. 

-Arnica cordifolia flowers are harvested the end of May. So if you order them fresh in June you will have wait till the next May.  So please order fresh herbs before the harvest period (if at all possible). 


Many roots are available twice a year.  We dig most fresh roots in early spring and late fall, but some roots we harvest throughout the winter and some wildcrafted roots are dug in summer as well as spring/fall.


You might be interested to see a chart that shows the harvest dates for over 130 herbs that we deal with. This can help especially if you want to plan ahead and order fresh plant material. If so, contact us.

View Harvest Dates


Our leafy herbs are hand-screened through ¼ inch hardware cloth and most of the stems picked out.  Depending on the herb they go through the screens 2 to 5 times. They are nice for retail sales.

Some dry herbs we almost always have in stock. Some things are only in stock once a year for a short period and some are seldom in stock dry. 


Our roots are cut by hand and so are chunky and not cut and sifted c/s.  Most of them are big for most herb stores to want to carry for retail.



We have a $10 Processing & Handling Fee every time we send a shipment.  If you place one order for 5 items and we can ship them all at once that would only be $10.  But if we needed to make 5 shipments (for instance fresh things that were ready at different times of the year) then you would end up paying $50 in processing fees.  Please bear this in mind when ordering.  You can ask us how many shipments we think it will take to fill a multi-item order. 

Shipping Address

** 1 pound minimum ** Please be specific about which part of the plant you want eg. root, leaf, bark, flower. Fresh or Dried Herb?
UPS, Fedex, USPS, other?
If you have a UPS and/or Fedex shipper number, please include that so we can ship via bill receiver.
Overnight 2-day 3-day Priority USPS Ground Other?

Please refer to our price list and catalog.
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