Solstice heralds regeneration. Gift your loved ones or yourselves with the knowledge. Permaculture Books for Sale On-line

Have a look at this unique collection of permaculture books by Michael Pilarski and the Friends of the Trees Society now on sale right from this website. Here's the list of titles:

* Agroforestry Guide to Hawaii: A Directory to Restoration, Forestry, Agroforestry, Permaculture & Sustainable Agriculture in the Hawaiian Islands
* Ethnobotany & Ethnoecology Resource Guide
* Forty Years with the Fairies
* Growing & Wildcrafting Medicinal Plants in the Pacific Northwest
* Kiwifruit Enthusiasts Journal #6
* Restoration Forestry: An International Guide to Sustainable Forestry Practices
* Subtropical & Tropical Medicinal Plants Checklist
* Third World Resource Guide

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