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Friends of the Trees Seed Service Catalog from 1984/1985

Cover of the Friends of the trees Seed Service catalog from the mid-1980's.As promised, here is the Friends of the Trees Seed Service Catalog from 1984/1985.

It has propagation information for seeds of many trees, shrubs and herbs. 

Part 2 is actually the first part of the catalog.

It also includes a Common Name Index and Honey-Plant Bloom Chart on the last page of part 1.

You may download the two PDF files using the links above.

Slideshow of the Catalog

Video: Restoring Water and Soils in Arid Australia – Walter Jehne at Drylands Permaculture Course – Zoom Interview

Walter Jehne is a former CSIRO Climate Scientist and Microbiologist and the founder of Healthy Soils Australia. He specializes in the inter-relationships of soil microbiology and the process by which biomatter is converted to new healthy soil. Walter is internationally renowned for his work bringing soil carbon sequestration and its effect on the water cycle into focus within the climate crisis. His work is focusing on bringing soil and climate innovations to the global population, including within the urban human environment. He was able to join us for this permaculture course to share and discuss his rich experience. For more about Walter check out his organization Healthy Soils Australia – https://www.healthysoils.com.au/


Global Drylands Library – Curated by Michael Pilarski

Here is the link to the library: https://www.librarything.com/catalog/FriendsoftheTrees

The online library is in its beginning stages. We have to write reviews, take photos of some covers and gradually expand its usefulness. We hope it will be useful to people in drylands around the world. Would anyone like to help me in this endeavor? Contact:

Michael Pilarski -|- [email protected]