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Plant Cunning Podcast with Michael "Skeeter" Pilarski

Plant Cunning LogoEpisode 18: Michael "Skeeter" Pilarski
Produced Feb 3, 2021

We talk with esteemed permaculturist Michael Pilarski about Bill Mollison, science & "woo", working with nature spirits, "Restore the Earth" party, restoring the earth, and making money from growing herbs in a regenerative way.

Plant Resilience. Plants Wisdom. Plant Plants. This podcast, hosted by Isaac Hill and A.C. Stauble brings together a network of people wise to the ways of plants, fungi and the natural world to explore the Mysteries of Nature. We invite herbalists, ethnobotanists, farmers, mages, fungi experts, community organizers and all kinds of other interesting people to the microphone to share their wisdom and experiences with us. The Plant Cunning Podcast bridges different worlds, makes connections, inspires and at times blows our minds while we explore the underlying theme of working with Nature.

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1000 Crops for Northwest Growers

Some Crop Categories and Crops

For North Temperate Climates

Friends of the Trees Society, February 18, 2015 Version

Compiled by Michael Pilarski for the workshop series

1000 Crops for Northwest Growers

Over 1,800 crops listed this edition. There are over 125 crop categories listed here with 40 of those being medicinal herb categories.
This list was drawn up with the Inland Pacific Northwest in mind. Most of the plants listed here are hardy to zone 5 or colder.

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Lynx Vilden, the Woman Who Lives 200,000 Years in the Past

Lynx Vilden sheltering in a debris hut."Lynx Vilden, a 54-year-old British expat who, for most of her adult life, has lived wholly off the grid ... Lynx is not your typical back-to-the-lander. The lithe, blonde former teen punk, who grew up in the 'concrete and dismal gray' environs of London, has become an unlikely torchbearer of humanity’s wild heritage. Her overarching aim is not to simply survive out here in nature but 'to live as wild people lived' and to show others how to do so as well."

Read more in this article by Katherine Rowland in Outside magazine.

This is a great article.  I love Lynx and I love the Methow.  I respect those who want to live closer to nature and learn the old skills. 

"I suspect it is the people who are closest to the old ways who will survive the modern times." 

Michael Pilarski