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Video: Eco Restoration at Hotlum Camp, Shasta - A Restorative Chat with John D. Liu and Michael Pilarski

Jul 16, 2020 - Global Earth Foundation
Michael "Skeeter" Pilarski traveled to the new seedling Ecosystem Restoration camp at Mount Shasta, CA, USA. They talk about restoration efforts there and around the world. We together can restore the landscapes, make the land store the rain again, and stabilize the climate! By listening quietly and watching nature we can learn the secrets of how she restores herself, then teach others, healing each other and this planet! Some images used from Ecosystem Restoration Camps and John D. Liu as protected use for collaboration and open research. All monetization will go to that channel. Still please consider supporting the Global Earth Foundation on Patreon!


Video: Asafoetida with Michael Pilarski

In this video, Skeeter describes his four-year-old Asafoetida plants that are just setting seed. In the fall, he will have some seeds from these plants available to help others plant and preserve this endangered species of medicinal and culinary herb.


Video: Ecosystem Restoration Camps & Wild Plants Webinar with Michael Pilarski

Ecosystem Restoration Camps & Wild Plants Webinar with Michael Pilarski. Part of the series Weekly Wednesday Webinars hosted by Finnriver InCider Space.

Bio- Michael has been commercially farming medicinal plants for 24 years. 2020 is his 4th year of farming medicinals at the Finnriver Cidery location. He has also farmed in eastern Washington, Oregon, and Montana. His planting have a wide diversity of species and are based on agroforestry, permaculture and polyculture. friendsofthetrees.netglobalearthrepairfoundation.org