The 20 Conference Tracks Could be Grouped Under 5 Larger Categories

Blythe Barbo just sent this to me and it will probably be helpful to many of you.

It occurred to me that the 20 tracks could also be grouped under 5 larger categories:

  • Farmers/Growers (Farming at All Scales, Medium-to-Large-Scale Herb Farming, Small-Scale Herb Farming, Cottage Industry Herb Growers, Medicinal Plants in Polycultures & Permacultures, Specific Crops)
  • Cultural/Regional Herbs (East Asian Medicinal Plants, Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants, Native American Perspectives, Wildcrafting)
  • Products & Uses (Herbs for Essential Oil Distillation, Herbs Used in Beverages, Herbs Used in Body Care Products, the Uses of Herbs)
  • Community Outreach (Radical Herbology, Herb Gardens in Public Spaces)
  • Herb Business (Marketing, Cooperatives, Community Supported Herbalism/Herbal CSAs, Regulations, Legalities, GAP, GACP, GMP, Re-coding)

Just a thought. Was thinking if all the tracks & what to do & see seemed a bit overwhelming, it might be a way of organizing the info.