We are looking for one person (or more) who will coordinate each of the 18 Conference Tracks.
Peg Schafer and Mercy Yule are doing a good job for the East Asian Medicinal Plants Track and I have been pushing along the other 17 tracks. I am putting out the call for presenters or other conference attendees to come forward and take one of these on.

Track Coordinator - job description. Communicate with the presenters in that track to decide what panels and workshops will happen. We know some of the workshop titles but less about the panel titles/topics. Look for experienced people who we should invite to participate in the track. Moderate the panels, unless you are going to be one of the panelists. Think ahead of what some good outcomes for your track would be at the end of the conference. Mention them at the first panel period and help shepherd them along during the event. Bring out and encourage participants to add their information, perspectives and solutions. Moderate the action planning session which is the last session of the conference. These ideas are off the top of my head. What else should be added here? Each coordinator would have their own ideas. All coordinators will be in contact with Michael Pilarski on a regular basis for updating and strategizing. The tracks will take their final shape at the conference.