Herbalists Without Borders

Today I got an email from Joanne Bauman of the group Herbalists Without Borders (HWB). Herbalists Without Borders  is a nonprofit, local-to-global network of volunteers devoted to aiding communities and countries in need impacted by natural disasters, violent conflicts, poverty, trauma and other access barriers to health and wellness.
“The nearest chapters for your conference would be in California, Idaho, and Wyoming. https://herbalistswithoutborders.weebly.com/hwb-chapters.html.
If anyone in Washington or Oregon state would like to start a chapter in Pacific NW that would be terrific. I will let the main office know and it can go from there.”
Joanne is the HWB Community Herbal Apothecary Project Coordinator.
This is definitely something that should be mentioned at the conference and in the Radical Herbology Track. 
Anyone reading this want to help focalize moving this proposal along at the MHG&MC?  Let Michael Pilarski know.