Letter to herb buyers in the USA

To: Tincture and herbal product manufacturers, herb companies, herb stores, etc
The 1st Medicinal Herb Growing & Marketing Conference is being held April 15-17, 2016 in Port Townsend, Washington on the northeast tip of the Olympic Peninsula.
The main goal of the conference is to bring herb farmers together with herb buyers so more of them can meet face-to-face, get acquainted and lay the groundwork for future business.  We need each other.
The conference aims to serve herb growers of all scales, from back yard gardeners to 100-acre farms. The conference can help inspire and inform the next wave of herb farmers.  The conference will enable an increased domestic production of high-quality herbs.
Herb companies, here is an opportunity to support herb farmers and the herbal movement in general.  Please sponsor this ground-breaking conference.  Sponsorship includes admission passes, space in the Herbal Trade Show and publicity for you. Be recognized as someone who supports the herb farming community.
Towards a more healthy world,
Michael Pilarski, Event Coordinator, Friends of the Trees Society