March 8 Update on Keynote Talks

We have 6 distinguished keynote speakers on the agenda at our 1st MHG&MC.

We wanted the diversity and perspective of more keynote speakers so none of them have a big block of time. More like a TED talk.

Keynote Speakers:

Ann Armbrecht of the Sustainable Herbs Project and producer of the film Numen will present on “the Sustainable Herbs Project and its relevance to the Conference and the herb movement in general.” Friday Evening plenary. 7:45 – 8:15

David Doty, International Procurement Manager for Mountain Rose Herbs will speak on “Economies of scale and the economics of botanical production for the herbal industry.” Friday Evening plenary. 8:15 – 8:45.

Peg Shafer of the Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm and author of the book by that name will present on the “Medicinal Plant Cultivation; Farmer Success for Best Clinical Results” Western and Eastern herbal medicine can only be as effective as the original plants and how they were handled. Plant genetics, how they were grown, how long in ground, harvesting, processing and drying are determining factors for herb quality. Herbalists and growers: Do you know where your herbs and seed come from? When are seed or clones best utilized? Saturday morning plenary, 9:30 to 10:00.

Yvan Rochon owner of Herbal Vitality company will present an intriguing perspective on “From Farm to Bedside: How a Knowledge of Plant Physiology can help us Make Quality Herbal Products.” At the Saturday Evening Herbal Beverage Tasting.

Jeff Carpenter of Zack Woods Herb Farm, author of The Organic Medicinal Herb Grower and coordinator of the International Herb Symposium will speak on herb farming. At the Saturday Evening Herbal Beverage Tasting.

Peter McCoy the founder of the Radical Mycology movement will deliver some Lessons from the Radical Mycology movement for the Radical Herbology movement. Closing plenary. 4:15 – 4:45.

More info on the Keynote Speakers page.