Thursday Registration at the MHG&MC

Registration opens at 5:00 pm on Thursday for the approximately 45 people who have signed up for Thursday night accommodations and the 30 people or so who have signed up for campsites.

Registration will be on the first floor of The Bricks. The Bricks is a large brick building which is the first building to the right after you come in Fort Worden’s gate.  Parking is on the one-way road which runs along the back of the Bricks.  So to get there you have to take the second right and drive all the way around the long row of Officer’s Buildings till you get to the back of The Bricks.  There should be sandwich board signs.

Once registered, you will get the keys to your respective lodging.  Inasmuch as possible we have assigned people rooms where they won’t have to move, but this wasn’t possible in all cases and some people will have to move their belongings on Friday to another residence for the rest of the weekend. 

Dawn Teufel will be doing registration from 5:00 to 9:00 pm.  If you are going to be arriving after 9:00 pm, we will leave directions at the Bricks and find someone who is staying there to help as needed.

If you arrive in Port Townsend before 5:00 pm that is excellent as you’ll have time to look around.  Options can include checking out historic downtown, visiting the Port Townsend Food Co-op, checking out Fort Worden or taking in the expansive view from the beach at Fort Worden’s lighthouse point.  There are no meals at Fort Worden available on Thursday evening (unless you make them yourself). 

We have rented specific numbered campsites, so if you are camping Thursday night only use the campsites designated for MHG&MC. Find out the scoop at registration.  If after 9:00 pm, there should be a sandwich board sign with those numbers at the entrance to the camping area. Please note we are only getting campsites at the Forest Campground, not the Beach campground.

Friday morning:

The Commons Café is open daily from 7 am to 3 pm for breakfast and lunch.

Regular registration for the conference, meal tickets, and Friday Intensives start at 8:30 am Friday in the USO Hall.  MHG&MC meals start with lunch. 

Questions contact: Michael Pilarski

[email protected]  360-643-9178