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Mealtime Meetups

I (Michael Pilarski) helped organize the Working Groups component of the 2014 North American Permaculture Convergence.  There were about 20 working groups, each of which met multiple times during the convergence.  This experience helped inform how we set up the Tracks at the MHG&MC.  The NAPC Working Groups and the MHG&MC Tracks are designed to lead to action and building alliances.  A prominent aspect of the NAPC Working Groups was that they had many meetings during mealtimes.  People got their food and then sat together to continue the conversation.  I think the term for this is “working lunches”. 

We are encouraging Mealtime Meetups at MHG&MC to tackle unfinished business from workshops and panels.  Or for small interest groups to meet who don’t want to schedule a workshop during one of the 6 sessions. 

We will have a schedule board at the conference where people can schedule Mealtime Meetups.  We are somewhat disadvantaged by the fact that not everyone is eating at the same place.  A portion of the people are eating at The Commons from the meals catered by Fort Worden.  There will be a volunteers’ kitchen for some of the work-traders. Some people may opt out to make food at their accommodations or eat in town.  The biggest block of people will be eating at The Commons.  Perhaps there could be short mealtime meetups in the USO hall or elsewhere at the tail end of mealtimes.
We will see what develops, but keep this in mind.

Session A.  10

Saturday,  10:30 – 12:00 am

Session A.  (10:30 am – 12:00 pm)

  • Small/Medium/Large Scale Herb Farming Opening Panel
  • Emerging Markets for Chinese Medicinal Plants w/ Peg Schafer and Mercy Yule.
  • Marketable Aromatic Crops for Distillation Opening Panel
  • Radical Herbology Opening Panel
  • Cottage Industry Herb Growing Opening Panel
  • Exploring Niche Markets for Herbs in Body Care Products & Cosmetics Opening Panel
  • Herbal Pain Relief. Daphne Singingtree.
  • Using herbs in chocolate and bitters w/ Brian Wallace.
  • Hedge Medicine w/ EagleSong Evans Gardener
  • Wildcrafting Seaweed w/ Ryan Drum & James Jungwirth.
  • Forming a PNW Chapter of “Herbalists Without Borders International”; Action Planning Session. w/ Victoria Reddick, et al.
  • Start and Manage a Certified Organic Online Medicinals Nursery w/ Tina Glaessner 

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Session B.  13

Saturday,  2:00 – 3:30 pm

  • Medium-Scale Herb Farming w/ Jeff Carpenter and Jeff & Elise Higley.
  • Wildcrafting Track Opening Panel
  • Create a Viable Community Supported Herbalism Businesses Opening Panel w/ Dawne Vrabel
  • Save More Than Seeds: TCM plants w/ Rupert Adams
  • Native American Perspectives Opening Panel
  • Medicinal Plant Growing in Polycultures and Permaculture Systems Opening Panel
  • Brewing Workshop, Part I: Wild Urtication Ale w/ Steve and Amanda Braun of Old Growth Ales
  • Oils; Using The Wide Range in Herbal Product Making w/ Susan Parker.
  • Ten Years of Radical Mycology w/Peter McCoy.
  • Public Herb Gardens Opening Panel
  • Basic Herbal First Aid Kit w/ Denise Joy.
  • Working with Local Growers w/ Lily Lewison of Flying Bird Botanicals
  • Wildcrafting Plant Walk w/ Terri Wilde.
  • Intro to GMP for Herbalists and Small Businesses w/Linden de Voil

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Session C.  14

Saturday,  3:45 – 5:15 pm

  • Herbs in Beers, Wines, Liqueurs, Spirits, and Kombuchas Panel
  • Concepts in Chinese Medicine w/Dave Martin
  • Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants Opening Panel
  • Perennial Herb Production w/ Matt Dybala
  • The Woodland Co-op: A Wildcrafting Marketing Cooperative in Northwest Washington w/ Terrance M Meyer
  • Farming Medicinal Plants in Agroforestry Systems w/Michael Pilarski
  • Brewing Workshop, Part II. Wild Urtication Ales w/ Steve and Amanda Braun of Old Growth Ales.
  • Scale Up: Farming Herbs For Profit w/ Jeff & Elise Higley of Oshala Farm
  • Soil Biology for Herb Farmers w/Jessica Gigot
  • Sourcing Concerns for Body Care Products w/ Kirsten Grohovsky
  • Public Spaces - Ripe for an Herbal Infusion w/ Stephanie Syson
  • From Farm to Pharmacy: Running an Herbal Dispensary w/ Jenn Dazey
  • Combat Systemic Oppression by Cultivating Home Grown Medicine w/Lara Pacheco
  • Sheep Sorrel and Essiac Herbs: A Local Model Seed to Teacup w/ Debbie Jakovac
  • Growing and Harvesting Red Clover Blossoms w/ Ryan Drum

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Session D.  18

Sunday,  8:45– 10:15 am

  • Small-Scale Medicinal Herb Farming Panel
  • Growing Medicinal Herbs in an Educational Context w/ Christine Borosh
  • Growing, Harvesting, Processing and Identifying High Quality Chinese Herbs (Codonopsis, Astragalus, Angelica, Peony, Scutellaria) w/ Tim Ross
  • Native American Perspectives, Part II.
  • Medicinal Mushrooms, Where to Grow From Here? w/ Peter McCoy
  • Farm Equipment for Medicinal Plants w/Matt Dybala and Adam Buresh
  • Simpling Into Diversity: Black Cottonwood w/ EagleSong Evans Gardener
  • Building an Herb Busines: Farm to Product to Retail w/ Kim Otto of Moon Valley Organics
  • Methods of Extracting Essential Oils w/ Dr. Orion Lekos
  • Herbs in Skin Care; Types and Forms Needed w/ Susan Parker
  • Creating Herbal Cooperatives Panel
  • Restorative Wildcrafting w/ Nome McBride
  • Social Media in Marketing w/ Brian Wallace of Endorfin Foods
  • Stevia; Growing and Breeding w/ Clinton Shock
  • Garden to Apothecary: Radical Herbology w/ Greta de la Montagne

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Session E.  16

Sunday,  10:30 – 12:00 am

  • Wildcrafting & Marketing 5 PNW Medicinal Herbs w/ Ryan Drum
  • Expanding Your Educational Scope - From an Income Source to Protecting the Source. Education as a form of income for herb farmers and companies w/ Steve & Amanda Braun
  • Organoleptic Evaluation of Chinese Medicinals w/ Mercy Yule
  • Processing and Toxicity of Common TCM Herbs w/ Tim Ross
  • Biodynamic Farming w/ Randal and Adam Buresh
  • Adding “Quality” to Fresh Herbs: Post Harvest Handling w/ Yvan Rochon
  • Northwest Analogs to Common Trade Herbs w/ Nome McBride
  • FDA Compliance for Product Makers Round-Table w/ Denise Joy and others
  • Herbs in Chocolates and Bitters w/ Brian Wallace of Endorfin Foods
  • Growing Ashwaganda w/ Jeff Johnson
  • Essential Oil Distillation Demo of White Sage w/ Victoria Reddick
  • Medicinal Plant Propagation Techniques Roundtable w/ Tina Glaessner and others
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) on Herb Farms w/ Danielle Hawkins of Trout Lake Farm
  • Using Medicinal Plants in Ecosystem Restoration w/ Michael Pilarski and Clinton Shock
  • Wildcrafting Weeds: Purslane, Chickweed, Dandelion, and Others w/ Terri Wilde
  • Wildcrafting Plant Walk w/ James Jungwirth

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Session F.  15

Sunday,  2:00 – 3:30 pm

  • Herb Cooperatives Track: Action Planning Session
  • Wildcrafting Track Action Planning Session
  • Breaking the Retail Lousy Medicinal Herbs Barrier Panel/Round Table Discussion
  • Cultivating Chinese Medicinal Herbs Panel w/ Jonathan Major, Steven Wrubleski, Vivian Henderson, Shawna Care, Rupert Adams, and Keith Posse, University of Washington Medicinal Garden. Moderated by Peg Schafer
  • Farmers: Action Planning Session
  • Radical Herbology; Action Planning Session
  • Drying and Post-Harvest Handling w/ Randal Buresh
  • Growing and Cultivation of Herbs in Port Townsend w/ Denise Joy
  • Native American Perspectives Track; Action Planning Session
  • Hawthorn: Recipes and Remedies w/ EagleSong Evans Gardener
  • Improving Current Regulations Action Planning Session
  • Economics of Herb Production w/ Jeff Bodony
  • Growing Sea Buckthorn (Seaberry) for Medicinal Fruit w/ Mike Maki
  • Creating Community Medicinal Herbal Gardens w/ Victoria Reddick.

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Abbreviations for Tracks

TCM = East Asian Medicinal Plants.

Vedic =  Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants.

Large/Medium = Large-scale and Medium-scale Herb Farming.

Small = Small-scale Herb Farming.

Cottage  =  Cottage Industry Herb Growing.

Native  = Native American Perspectives.

Rad  = Radical Herbology

Ess. Oil  = Essential Oil Distillation.

Beverage = Herbs used in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Body Care  = Herbs used in body care products

Polyculture  = Medicinal Plants in Polycultures, Agroforestry and Permaculture.

Wildcraft  =  Wildcrafting.

CSHs  = Herbal CSAs.

Markets  =  Marketing. 

Regs  =  Regulations, Legalities, Re-coding. GAP, GACP, GMP.

Crops = Specific Crops

All-scales = Farming at all scales. =

Public = Herb Gardens in Public Spaces

Co-ops = Cooperatives