Introducing Dr. Arden Anderson

I attended, and spoke at, the February 7-8, 2013 Bio-Ag Conference in Spokane Washington. One of the presenters was Dr. Arden Anderson and he gave one of the most powerful presentations I have seen in many years. Dr. Anderson is both a scientist and a physician.  He talks to groups of farmers and also to doctors. He is an expert in soil health and human health and can point out the fallacies in conventional farming and allelopathic medicine and what the alternatives are for human health and for soil health. I highly recommend anyone concerned with human health to read his book. If you know anyone struggling with disease or illness this book can help them.
Arden made a clear cause and affect that the de-mineralized (and often poison-laden) food being delivered by agriculture today is the cause of the epidemic proportions of disease and ill health in the USA.  He made the point that the public is having an increasingly negative view of farmers for doing so.  Dr. Anderson is a family physician in Indiana and sees first hand the damage caused by the unhealthy food of today.  He particularly singled out GMO foods (genetically-modified organisms) and glyphosphate (Roundup herbicide) as possibly the worst catastrophe humanity has ever seen. There are now hundreds of studies showing that eating GMO food causes tumors, cancers and many diseases, particularly of the reproductive system. Glyphosphate or its breakdown products contaminates the food grown with its use. Most of the GMOs have been created for tolerance to Roundup herbicide (called Round-up Ready), so people eating those foods get a double whammy of GMO and glyphosphate.  The damage is being done at the genetic level and the ill effects will be with us for generations to come.  GMO crops and glyphosphate should be banned immediately.  I wish everybody could see Dr. Anderson’s presentation. His presentation at the conference will eventually be available on a DVD along with the presentations of other conference speakers. I’ll let my readers know when the DVD becomes available and how to order it.
Dr. Arden Anderson’s book “Real Medicine, Real Health” is available from Acres USA Bookstore.
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