Philippines Passes Law Requiring Students to Plant 10 Trees if They Want to Graduate

Picture of school child planting a treeUplifting tree planting news:  I was just sent a news release about a tree planting law proposed in the Phllippines and here it is.  If we could get every school kid to plant 10 trees, that would go a long way towards world reforestation.  I doubt this could be made mandatory many places, but it certainly is something that could be promoted everywhere.  Bright Vibes news also includes other great tree planting news such as that Ethiopia just planted 350 million trees in one day, breaking the old record of 66 million trees planted in one day in India!

~Michael Pilarski

More: Read the Bright Vibes article.

Here are some more videos on this sort of thing.:


Ethiopia plants more than 350 million trees in 12 hours
4:19. Skip the last half of the video as it is static.

Uttar Pradesh plants 220 million trees in one day
On August 9, 2019.

Most trees planted in one hour by a team – Guinness World Records
100 volunteers in Bhutan planting 49,676 trees in one hour.

India Just Planted 66 Million Trees In 12 Hours
This week India planted more than 66 million trees in 12 hours, smashing their own record set just last year.

Before India’s 50 million tree mark in 2016, the previous world record of tree planting in 24 hours was set by Pakistan in 2013 with 847,275 trees in one day.

Meet Peepal Baba, The Man Who Has Planted Over 20 Million Trees
2:35 minutes

17 BIGGEST Trees in the World
7:58 minutes.

The 10 Largest Forests on Earth
19:49 minutes.



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