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Beekeeping in Ecotopia and Common Name Index & Honey-plant Bloom Chart

Lark D'Arbole was born in 1948. During 1982 he was transported into the year 2100. After several days in the future, he reappeared back in 1982. Other time trips have occurred at irregular intervals since that first trip. As a result of D'Arbole's visits he has been able to give us an idea of in the Pacific Northwest 118 years into the future. On one of his visits in 1983, Lark brought back the following report.

Also included is a Common Name Index & Honey-plant Bloom Chart.

Alder Pollen Report

Picture of Alder catkinsJune 2, 2018.

Recently, I was approached by a company looking for wild tree pollen to incorporate into products which would expose babies born in sterile hospital environments to natural substances. This is to reduce their allergy load during life. So I was looking for an opportunity to harvest alder catkins.

A Visit to Two Medicinal Herb Gardens

By Michael Pilarski, April 21 and 22. 2017

University of Washington Medicinal Herb Garden
& Bastyr University Medicinal Herb Garden

On Friday, April 21, I had the pleasure to visit the University of Washington Medicinal Herb Garden. It was the warmest day of the year so far for the Puget Sound/Salish Sea. Thousands of people were out enjoying the day, but I only saw one other person looking at the medicinal plants.

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