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Dear friends and allies,

The COVID-19 coronavirus is a wake-up call that globalization has gone too far and the pendulum needs to swing towards localization.  Particularly, local food production. Just–in-time delivery with components sourced from all around the world are subject to disruption. At a time when people want to keep their health up, it is even more important to have a source of nutrient-dense, clean food.  Farmer’s markets are being closed around the country, forcing people to regular grocery stores with lower-quality food.  Food shortages loom on the horizon. 

Here at Friends of the Trees Society, we have been promoting local and family food production since we started in 1978.  Much of our trainings, courses, and events are about food production and we have had many tree sales and plant exchanges over the years. 

If people are going to be at home more often, due to not going out to work and schools being closed, let’s take this as an opportunity to increase gardening and fruit tree plantings, and connect more with our local economy!

On March 29, we will be holding our annual Tree & Plant Sale.  Here is our catalog of what we have.  Fruit and nut trees, berries and medicinal herbs.  We can supply you with the plants to grow more of your own food and medicine.

We will continue our information sharing on our website and through our Youtube channels.  Please email or phone us if you think we can be of help. 

Michael Pilarski
Anna Pallotta
[email protected]