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We are based on the Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest, North America. We offer a large variety of botanicals that we personally cultivate and wildcraft. Our wildcrafted botanicals are sustainably gathered to maintain healthy plant populations. We wildcraft in Washington, Idaho and Northwest Montana.

A brief description of our growing practices:  The herb plantings at Friends of the Trees Botanicals are agroforestry systems, which include a wide diversity of trees, shrubs, hedgerows, medicinal herbs, berries, vegetables and culinary herbs. Michael Pilarski has been farming organically since 1972. We are in the process of getting Organic Certification  this year. Currently our botanicals are not certified organic, but they are grown with NO chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We use cultural practices and natural fertilizers to build soil.  Our goal is healthy plants, a healthy ecosystem and good  yields.  We have a reputation for delivering the highest quality fresh and dried botanicals available.

Our primary focus remains fresh plant material.  Customers are encouraged to order well in advance because we primarily produce orders on a custom basis. We typically take most of our orders for the year between January - April,  and fill them on a "first come first served" basis. Because of our small business scale, we can only produce so much  of a given herb, and therefore cannot always fill last-minute requests.

When we harvest: You might be interested to see a chart that shows the harvest dates for over 130 herbs that we deal with. This can help especially if you want to plan ahead and order fresh plant material. If so, contact us.